Couple depletes savings after lung cancer diagnosis

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Steve and Stacy have been married for over 30 years, raised two children and are now expecting their first grandchild. However, Steve was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and had to quit his job of 15 years to begin aggressive chemo and radiation treatment.

As the couple waited for Steve’s Social Security disability benefits to be approved, they depleted all of their savings and 401(k)s to maintain their monthly expenses, coming close to losing their home in foreclosure.

But Steve was recently approved for disability and the couple began loss mitigation to save their home.

Nevertheless, Steve’s disability check barely covered their monthly expenses. Stacy began seeking employment to help but has been out of the workforce for quite some time and is struggling to get interviews.

The Salvation Army, through your donation to the Good Cheer Fund, can help Steve and Stacy get caught up on their monthly expenses and focus on Steve’s health and Stacy’s job search.

Contributions to The Post and Courier’s Good Cheer Fund have helped the less fortunate in the Lowcountry since 1927. The seven charitable organizations sharing the funds collected are the Lowcountry Food Bank, the Salvation Army, Star Gospel Mission, the Association for the Blind & Visually Impaired, Coastal Catholic Charities, the Carolina Youth Development Center and the Charleston Leadership Foundation. Every cent of the money goes directly to the agencies, as there are no administrative costs involved.

Send tax-deductible contributions to the Good Cheer Fund, ℅ The Post and Courier, 134 Columbus St., Charleston, SC 29403-4800. Donations also can be made in person or online at

For more information, email Robie Scott at

Gordon and Donna Milligan 50.00

The Keel Family 250.00

Mary Wagers 25.00

Col. (R) David and Anne Best 100.00

Karen and Don Silva 100.00

Rick and Ann Miller 150.00

John and Karen Gaag 1,000.00

John and Jaquelin Broome 100.00

Honor of our family 50.00

David and Gail Wetta 100.00

Edwin Hill 50.00

William and Brenda Mills 200.00

Robert and Laura Ryan 100.00

Suzanne and Robert Donaldson 100.00

Francis Marion Hotel 1,000.00

In thanks for Mary, Tom, Eliza, Ned, Hanna and Laura 100.00

Cynthia S. Deaton (local) 50.00

Our parents, John and Mary Manutes and Paul and Mary Pavlis, from Bobby and Gee Gee Manutes 100.00

Betsy Parker 100.00

Philip O’Neill Hanvey, A. Legare Van Ness, John C. Doyle and Bachman S. Smith III 100.00

Melissa Hallman, love Granny and PaPa 25.00

My Alton, love Moma 100.00

Our loving grandson, Shriver Soliday 100.00

My dearest cousin, Llewellyn Kassebaum 100.00

Joe and Bessie Bolchoz, Jesse and Alice Thornhill and beloved pets 100.00

Guy Smythe 50.00

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Marion “Bones” Rice 50.00

Mr. and Mrs. Homer M. Pace Sr. 100.00

Our parents: Anna and John Lazarchick and Helen Sophy 100.00

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Friends: Joe Bishop, Henry Conner, Bob Bott, C.C. Pearce, Julian Buxton, Dick Luke, Joe Frank Garner, Ashton Phillips, Arden Lemon, Bob McDowell, Budge Trott, Charlie Fabian, Herb Butler, Manly Eubank, Sugar Hill, Richards Roddey, Ned Thornhill and John Settle 250.00

Our sons, Dan Hundley and Jamie Richards, with love 300.00

My dad, Robert Oppegard, who served in WWII as a Navy Seabee. To our men and women serving in the military from Debbie and Peter Sellars 1,500.00

Robert Eugene Berretta 100.00

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Waring Jr. and Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Berretta 100.00

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TODAY’S TOTAL $7,400.00


YEAR TO DATE $65,856.00

LAST YEAR TO DATE $41,320.00

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